For application of powders to 3D cells

An efficient tool for the powder dosing of 3-D cell cultures.

The VITROCELL® EPITHELIX Nanopress enables particle and powder dosage in a precise and reproducible manner, thus making it an optimal tool for exposure to 3-D cell cultures.

The process was developed by EPITHELIX.

First, the test substance is mixed with Dextran powder. The mixing ratio can be varied according to the required dose/response relationship. Using the nanopress, tablets are produced so that they can be placed directly on the cell cultures. After incubation of approximately 15 min. the Dextran tablet dissolves and the cells are directly exposed to the test substance.

How the EPITHELIX Nanopress works

1. Add Dextran powder to the Nanopress.

2. Fill the reservoir.

3. Remove surplus powder from the press surface with a cell scraper.

4. Push the lever down.

5. Push the button to expel the tablet.

6. Remove the tablet.
7. Place the tablet on the apical surface.

8. Incubate for approx. 15 minutes.

9. The Dextran tablet is entirely dissolved.


  • Exposure to a defined and small dose possible
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect screening tool
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