Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

On-line gas analysis of electronic cigarettes


Smoking Machines VC 1, VC 1 S-TYPE, VC 10® and VC 10® S-TYPE, Controller, FTIR Analyser

This setup was developed in close cooperation with Gasmet. The system offers a puff-by-puff quantitification of key constituents of aerosol from electronic cigarettes.
It is combined with the proven VC 1 and VC 1 S-TYPE smoking machine, VC 10® and VC 10® S-TYPE smoking machines and offers a fast evaluation of the aerosol in intervals of 1 s. Therefore it is a powerful alternative to classical chemical analysis which takes time-consuming steps by trapping, extraction, measurement and evaluation.

Sampling and measurement system configuration:

1. Aerosol generated by VITROCELL® smoking machine
  • HCI, ISO or CRM 81 regimes
  • E-cigarette aerosol mixed with N2 carrier gas
  • Continuous purging after puff
2. Controller for carrier gas (N2)
  • N2 flows from 50 mL/min up to 5.0 L/min
  • Integrated mass flow controller
3. Hot Gas Mixer
  • Heated line after mixing of carrier gas and aerosol
4. Gasmet FTIR analyser
  • Small volume sample cell, 200 cm path length
  • Calcmet PRO software & RS-422 for fast measurement (1 s measurement interval)


  • Reliable, easy to use online analysis tool
  • Wide range of components due to Calcmet library
  • Fast response
  • Ideal for quality control and dose monitoring
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