Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® Photometer 2.0

Online measurement of particle concentrations

VITROCELL® Photometer

VITROCELL® Photometers were specifically designed and developed to enable online measurements of particle concentrations at the inlets and/or outlets of the aerosol exposure top.

They are capable of measuring inline at very low flow-rates (e. g. 5 ml/min.) without any particle losses. The photometer measures a mere 62 mm in diameter. The photometers can be supplied with a control box and PC software for convenient read-outs.

Photometer Features

  • Inline measurement with online read-out
  • No losses of mass
  • Extremely small (62 mm diameter)
  • Easy cleaning of aerosol path
  • 2 base sensitivities with fine adjustments in 4 levels
  • Push-in or vacuum flow operation
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