Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

Precision Pump System

Precision Pump System

The VITROCELL® Precision Pump System was specifically developed and engineered for the time-based dosing of miniscule quantities (5-180 µl).

This stepper motor controlled diaphragm dosing pump system has been specially designed to accurately dose small quantities of liquid over long periods of time. It has two distinctive features - its scalability and durability (pump and electronics).

The VITROCELL® CF modules feature a medium exchange option.


  • Simple and precise pump control (interval and volume)
  • Flexibility of the control process
  • Modular concept: various pump controllers can be interconnected


  • Excellent repeatability
  • High stability in the long term
  • High chemical resistance
  • Fast priming and purging mode
  • Self priming
  • Run-dry ability
  • Prolonged operating life
  • Maintenance-free (>10‘000 h)

Technical data

Dispense mode
5 - 180 µl

Priming mode (max.)
20 ml/min

Max. suction height
4 mWg

Max. back pressure
6 bar



Approved ambient temperature
+5 - +40° C

Approved liquid temperature
+5 - +80° C

Max. liquid viscosity
150 cST

Dimensions Power Supply and Pump Controller
240 x 200 x 88 mm (W x D x H)

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

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