Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

Clean Air Purification Station

Vitrocell Clean Air Purification Station.jpg

For clean air control supply, dilution systems and aerosol generators.

The VITROCELL® Clean Air Purification Station is recommended when the air quality of a central air supply system or of a lab compressor contains oil or particles which may influence the test results. An indication of impurities in the system and thus the need for an improvement of the air quality is evident if the cell viability drops substantially in the clean air exposure modules.

Components of the station

  1. Pressure Regulator
  2. Pre-Filter with condensate trapping
    Filter unit 5 μm
    Manual Condensate Drain
  3. Membrane Dryer
  4. Activated Carbon Filter
    Reduction of oil mist content ‹0,003 mg/m3
  5. Fine Filter
    Retention rate 99,9999% (0,01 μm)
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