Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® Skin Punching Tool

VITROCELL® Skin Punching Tool

This heavy-duty tool is the solution for punching skin samples in an effortless and reliable way.

The procedure is as follows: place the skin sample on the ground plate, push the lever of the press downwards and punch into the skin. Then move the cutting tool in a circular manner to finalize a precise cut. Remove the sample.



  • Rapid changeover of punching tool due to the easy and secure adjustment of the working height 
  • Ground plate with precision T-slot and precise ­alignment 
  • The original position of the hand lever can be varied by 360°
  • Available for left-handed and right-handed use
  • The return stroke force of the ram can be adapted to different tool weights
  • Precision Alignment < 0,05 mm between upper and lower tool
  • Maintenance-free 
  • No lubrication necessary 
  • Tool diameter 25 mm (other sizes available)
  • Height: 46 cm


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