Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

31. Oct. 2007

In Vitro Testing of Inhalable Fly Ash at the Air Liquid Interface

Advanced Environmental Monitoring

October 2007, pp 402-414

Sonja Mülhopt, Hanns-Rudolf Paur, Silvia Diabaté and Harald F. Krug

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344, Eggenstein - Leopoldshafen, Germany


Exposure experiments with the fine and ultrafine fraction of fly ash on human lung cells in the air-liquid interface have shown an increased release of IL-8. 

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8. Oct. 2007

EUROTOX Congress

VITROCELL® SYSTEMS presents new equipment developments for in vitro inhalation toxicology at the EUROTOX 2007 (44th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 7-10, 2007

Broad product program of equipment for the in vitro analysis of airborne substances such as gases, nano particles and complex mixtures was presented.

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7. Oct. 2007

Toxicological investigation of nanoparticles - effects on human cells

EUROTOX. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

October 7-10, 2007

Letizia Farmer, Alexander Graff, Sandra Szameit, Eva Valic, Helga Tuschl

Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC, Life Sciences, Toxicology, A-2444 Seibersdorf, Austria


Differentiated macrophages were seeded on human lung epithelial cells for co-culturing. As endpoints for particle exposure cell viability (WST-1 assay), oxidative stress (DHRAssay) and pro-inflammatory cytokines (BDTM CBA-Assay) were evaluated.

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8. Sep. 2007

News Release

VITROCELL® SYSTEMS reports successful participation in the 6th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences 21-25 August, 2007 in Tokyo.

Approximately 1.000 scientists from all over the world met in Tokyo to exchange their views on the latest developments on alternative methods to animal tests in life sciences.

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23. Jul. 2007

A modified Ames assay reveals the mutagenicity of native cigarette mainstream smoke and its gas vapour phase


Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology 58 (2007) 383-392

Michaela Aufderheide, Helga Gressmann

Department of In-Vitro Toxicology, Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Hannover, Germany


Establishment of a new experimental approach for direct exposure of bacteria with actual generated smoke aerosol. This allowed us to investigate the mutagenic activity of native mainstream smoke on Salmonella Typhimurium strains. The new procedure of exposing bacteria directly to gases and complex mixtures offers new possibilities in the field of inhalation genotoxicology for the evaluation of genotoxicity in the Ames assay.

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23. Mar. 2007

Responses of differentiated primary human lung epithelial cells to exposure to diesel exhaust at an air-liquid interface

Experimental Lung Research

33:1, 27 - 51, 2007

JeanClare Seagrave, Sandy Dunaway, Jacob D. McDonald, and Joe L. Mauderly
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Patrick Hayden
MatTek Corp, Ashland, Massachusetts, USA

Christine Stidley
Department of Internal Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


The study evaluated responses of human primary airway epithelial cells to diesel exhaust. This model may be useful for mechanistic and comparative toxicology studies.

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23. Mar. 2007

Cellular Mechanisms of Mainstream Cigarette Smoke-Induced Lung Epithelial Tight Junction Permeability Changes In Vitro

Inhalation Toxicology, 19:13–22, 2007

Dorian S. Olivera
Program in Toxicology, College of Pharmacy, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Lovelace Respiratory Research, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Susan E. Boggs, Chris Beenhouwer, James Aden, and Cindy Knall
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


The goal of these studies was to identify the signal transduction pathways that regulate smoke-induced permeability. Using a physiologically relevant air-liquid interface exposure system, electrically tight monolayers of Calu-3 cell line were exposed to fresh, whole mainstream cigarette smoke. This exposure results in a regulated, dose-dependent loss of epithelial barrier function in the lung epithelial monolayers.

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20. Mar. 2007

News Release

VITROCELL® 24 System for 24-well sized inserts

The new exposure system is a benchmark for in vitro research with higher throughput. It offers up to 6 doses @ 4 replicates in the 24-well size.

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20. Mar. 2007

News Release

VITROCELL® 12 CF Stainless Steel Module

The new exposure module for inserts in the 12-well size offers high durability due to construction in stainless steel.

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31. Dec. 2006

Set-up of a dynamic in vitro exposure device for the study of indoor air pollutant effects on human derived cells

WIT Transactions on Biomedicine and Health

Vol 10, 2006

F. Pariselli, M. G. Sacco & D. Rembges

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Physical and Chemical Exposure Unit, Ispra, Italy

The aim of this work was to develop an in vitro exposure set-up for the assessment of the toxicity of single volatile chemicals and their mixtures on representative VOCs target tissues: skin (HaCaT) and lung (A549).

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