Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

14. Mar. 2013

Assessment of dosimetry and biological responses in vitro using a Vitrocell® smoke exposure system

SOT San Antonio, Texas, USA

March 10-14, 2013

David Thorne1, Joanne Kilford2, Rebecca Payne2, Jason Adamson1, Ken Scott1, Annette Dalrymple1, Clive Meredith1, Debbie Dillon1

1 Group R&D, British American Tobacco, Southampton, United Kingdom
2 Covance Laboratories Ltd, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


This poster shows the exposition of whole smoke on Balb/c 3T3-cells for the NRU assay and on Salmonella thyphimurium for the AMES assay by using a Vitrocell® VC 10 Smoking Robot and four quartz crystal microbalances installed into a  Vitrocell® exposure module.

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14. Mar. 2013

Comparison of a new skin penetration system containing a toxicokinetic module with Franz diffusion cells

SOT San Antonio, Texas, USA

March 10-14, 2013

D. Gerstel, I. Herberz, M. Akhiani, S. Mueller , H. Wenck, A. Schepky

Beiersdorf AG, Toxicology, Hamburg, Germany


This poster shows the successfull development of a semiautomated skin-penetration-system on a Vitrocell® skin exposure module in conjunction with FRANZ diffusion cells.

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12. Mar. 2013

Assessment of cigarette smoke particle deposition within the Vitrocell® exposure module using quartz crystal microbalances

Chemistry Central Journal 2013, 7:50


Jason Adamson, David Thorne, Annette Dalrymple, Debbie Dillon, Clive Meredith

British American Tobacco, Group R&D, Southampton SO15 8TL, UK


A successfull technology to quantify the whole smoke particle deposition in vitro, in real-time, is given by the installation of Quartz crystal microbalances in a Vitrocell® Module.

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28. Feb. 2013

New Video

VITROCELL® Skin Autosampler

View the this powerful tool for kinetics in percutaneous penetration in action.

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6. Feb. 2013

Optimization of the VITROCELL® Exposure System for in vitro toxicity testing of diesel emissions at the air-liquid interface

Transportation Technologies and Fuels Forum (TTFF) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

February 5-6, 2013

Rebecca Greenan1, Tak Chan2, Mathias Könczöl3, Julie Bourdon1, Debbie Rosenblatt2, Marie-Josée Poitras2and Paul A. White1

1 Mechanistic Studies Division, Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2 Emissions Research and Measurement Section, Environment Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
3 Department of Pharmaceutical Biology and Biotechnology, University of Freiburg, Germany


Exposition of emissions from different diesel blends on A549 cells with endpoints for genotoxicity (WST-1, NRU, Caspase III/VII) and oxidative stress (TBARS).

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25. Jan. 2013

Human bronchial epithelial cells exposed in vitro to cigarette smoke at the air-liquid interface resemble bronchial epithelium from human smokers

American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology

2013 Apr 1;304(7):L489-503. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00181.2012. [Epub ahead of print]

Mathis C, Poussin C, Weisensee D, Gebel S, Hengstermann A, Sewer A, Belcastro V, Xiang Y, Ansari S, Wagner S, Hoeng J, Peitsch M.

Philip Morris International, Neuchatel, Switzerland


The exposition of cigarette smoke on Human AIR-100 tissues shows equivalent results in MMP-1 release, gene expression and microRNA profiles to in vivo smokers' tissue.

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7. Dec. 2012

Toxicological analysis of limonene reaction products using an in vitro exposure system

Toxicology in Vitro

2013 Mar;27(2):721-30. doi: 10.1016/j.tiv.2012.11.017. [Epub ahead of print]

Anderson SE, Khurshid SS, Meade BJ, Lukomska E, Wells JR.

Health Effects Laboratory Division, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Morgantown, WV, United States


Substitutional for indoor air chemistry, limonene and ozone shows alterations in inflammatory cytokine production on A549 cells and Mucil Air tissue.

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3. Dec. 2012

An Improved 3D Tetraculture System Mimicking the Cellular Organization at the Alveolar Barrier to Study the potential toxic Effects of Particles on the Lung

BelTox and INVITROM Congress. Edegem, Belgium.

December 3, 2012. Best poster of a young scientist.

Sebastian G. Klein*1,2, Tommaso Serchi1, Lucien Hoffmann1, Brunhilde Blömeke2 and Arno C. Gutleb1

1 Dept. of Environment and Agro-biotechnologies (EVA), Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg.
2 Department of Environmental Toxicology, University Trier, Germany.


This poster shows the exposition of fine and ultra-fine particles on a tetraculture of A549, TPA-1, HCM-1 and EA.hy 926 cells to measure oxidative stress with the IL-8 and DCFH-DA assay.

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30. Nov. 2012

Unique Experiment in Rostock

Scientists are investigating the fine dust from marine diesel using new VITROCELL® 6/6

How does the exhaust from marine diesel engines act on human health? This has been investigated by devoted scientists from eight research institutions in Europe at the University of Rostock.

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31. Oct. 2012

Application of organotypic in vitro human cell culture models for research and development of inhalation pharmaceutical formulations targeting the proximal airways

Inhalation Magazine

Issue October 2012

Patrick Hayden

MatTek Corporation, Ashland, MA, US


This article briefly reviews the application of organotypic in vitro tissue culture models for assessing drug disposition, toxicity and efficacy of inhalable formulations intended for administration via the proximal airways.

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