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VITROCELL® Vapestarter

Vitrocell Vapestarter

Innovative solution for smoking machines: automatic button activation of e-cigarettes.

Button activated e-cigarettes put the user of smoking machines into a problem: should one press the button every 30 or 60 seconds manually? The automated solution to press the button in a precise manner is the VITROCELL® Vapestarter. The device can be connected to any VITROCELL® smoking machine. The trigger function is controlled by the software of the smoke generator.

The Vapestarter device is also available with a timer function so that it can be used for other types of smoke generators.

The system consists of Vapestart Controller, e-cigarette holder and different Vapestarter units. The Vapestarter units are tailor-made to fit tank products having different diameters as well as square shapes.

VITROCELL® Vapestarter Tank small
VITROCELL® Vapestarter Tank middle
VITROCELL® Vapestarter Tank large
VITROCELL® Vapestarter Tank rectangle

The Vapestarter unit is available for different dimensions of tank products.


  • Integration into software of VC 1, VC 1 S-TYPE, VC 10® and VC 10® S-TYPE Smoking Machines
  • Vapestarters available for all sizes of tank products
  • Inclination angle from 0-90°
  • Quick-change mechanism for easy exchange of test products
  • Also available as standalone version
  • Operation by compressed air
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