Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

Humidification Station

Humidification Station

VITROCELLs® high-end solution ensures a constant supply of humidified air.

Due to its unique bypass system, the humidified air can be exactly adjusted to the required level. This state-of-the-art operation uses a permeation unit thus ensuring a condensation-free operation.

Humidification Station components

Humidification Station components
  1. Water Bath with pump
    1-1 Quick connetor for water in flow
    1-2 Quick connetor for water out flow
  2. Connection to Air Supply
  3. Pressure Regulator
  4. Security Valve
  5. Air Inlet Permeation Unit
  6. Permeation Unit
  7. Water In- / Outlets Permeation Unit
  8. Air Outlet Permeation Unit
  9. Liquid Separator
  10. Head Probe for Humidity / Temperature
  11. Humidiefied Air Outlet
  12. Moisture / Temperature Meter
  13. Air Flow Regulator to Permeation Unit
  14. Air Flow Regulator to Bypass
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