Advanced in vitro exposure systems.

VITROCELL® Cloud PowerVent
Evacuation of residual gaseous compounds

VITROCELL® Cloud PowerVent

1    Tube to vacuum pump
2    Bypass for switching off venting function
3    Switch for venting function
4    HEPA Filter
5    Liquid trap
6    PowerVent Adapter for Clean Air
7    PowerVent Adapter for Exposure Chamber
8    HEPA Filters for filtered Air
9    Switch for venting function of Exposure and Clean Air Chambers


This system is specifically designed for dose-controlled and spatially uniform deposition of liquid aerosols on cells cultured at the air/liquid interface. The aerosol is applied for a short time of approx. 3 – 4 minutes.

VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 1

Phase 1 - Emission of Cloud

VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 2

Phase 2 - Homogeneous Mixing

VITROCELL® Cloud System Phase 3

Phase 3 - Gravitational Settling

The VITROCELL® Cloud can be used for aerosols generated from liquids and suspensions. Possible fields of application are screening for inhaled drugs and toxicity testing of inhaled substances including nanoparticle suspensions. There is a choice among 4 options of Aeroneb® ­nebulizers:

  • 4.0 – 6.0 µm
  • 2.5 – 6.0 µm
  • 2.5 – 4.0 µm
  • 10 µm (special version)

The Cloud aerosol chamber is made of Polycarbonate.

Adaptors for 12- and 24-well sized inserts included

6-well inserts

Also available as VITROCELL® Cloud 6 PowerVent version

12-well inserts

Also available as VITROCELL® Cloud 12 PowerVent version

24-well inserts

Also available as VITROCELL® Cloud 24 PowerVent version


  • Exposure system for liquid aerosols
  • High droplet output rate – cloud dynamics
  • No external air-flow required (simple)
  • No humidity control required
  • Dose-controlled and spatially uniform aerosol deposition
  • Small residual volume in nebulizer reservoir
  • Low insert-to-insert variabilities
  • Easy handling
  • Clinically relevant
  • Evacuation of potentially remaining gaseous ­substances
  • Reduction of chamber humidity enables multiple exposures (>4)
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