Advanced in vitro exposure systems.



Automated sampling system for aerosol monitoring.

Should aerosols need to be sampled directly on-site e.g. at workplaces, it is vital to have controlled flow conditions for the different sampling points. Additionally, timing and sampling intervals need to be clearly defined.

The VITROCELL® Aerosolist with integrated vacuum pump and flow controllers can be individually programmed according to the requirements of sample collection. This vacuum flow control-unit is the ideal tool to monitor desired and real vacuum flow rates for 4 to 99 channels.


  • Defined vacuum flow control for each channel. Flow rates can be specified as required.
  • Individually defined sampling intervals: measuring and stand-by times, number of cycles, start-/end times.
  • Monitoring of vacuum differential pressure for each channel with trend analysis. Important to monitor filter saturation.
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Recording of atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity surrounding sample
  • Data logging to PC with .csv file: System time and date, target and real MFC readings, vacuum pressure loss, surrounding conditions
  • Data can be exported to Excel®
  • Remote operation without PC and system integration in Network possible
  • Individual selection of the vacuum channel
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